Official Launch of the 2021 Roller Series

A Speed ​​Skating racing circuit to revolutionize the sport and help its expansion

Speed ​​Skating is a sport capable of transmitting sensations that are difficult to describe, but that fall in love with everyone who throws at full speed on the asphalt!

It is a sport still in a niche, but with a potential and values ​​that encourage working for its expansion. With this objective, the Roller Series: After organizing several individual events, mainly in the 1/2 Marathon mode, we have experienced the beauty of this sport, but also its current challenges.

  • Outside the professional circuit of the Spanish Cup, there is no platform that connects the rest of skaters from all over Spain to enjoy together.
  • The skater's experience in the main events is limited to the race, ignoring the opportunities that these tests offer to meet new regions and people who share the love for this sport.
  • The initiation is hard, and the Clubs scattered around the country have difficulties to give themselves visibility and attract new followers.
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After long conversations with those who best know the reality of this sport, gathering the feedback of more than 300 skaters from all over Spain, we have designed this circuit with 3 main objectives:

An improved circuit for the usual runner

Exit arches wider and without carpet, massage service, luggage and toilet, video and photoreportage ... connected races through a general ranking and with a homogeneous and careful experience according to your wishes! Travel throughout Spain discovering new corners and meeting other skaters!

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A community that welcomes new adherents

We want to expand this sport and attract new fans wherever the circuit goes! We will give visibility to the test to encourage the local population to start hand in hand with those who know the most. We surround the main test of experiences such as dinners and meals or material testing, so that you feel part of a family!

Events for everyone

Speed ​​Skating is just one of many modalities, but there are many other wheel enthusiasts and we want them to be part of this party! At each stop of the circuit there will be a family skating to give visibility to the sport and shows to attract the local population, who will enjoy a unique show and help create an incredible atmosphere!


And you, do you want to bring this party to your city?

Discover the impact that the Roller Series can have on your municipality and be part of this revolution!

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